Mortal Kombat 3: The Third Major Motion Film

Information On The 3rd MK Movie:

Director Paul Anderson, Threshold Entertainment, producer Lawrence Kasanoff, and executive producer Alison Savitch, previous producers of the box office hit Mortal Kombat and the not-so-hot MK Annihilation, have begun the initial production of this highly secret sequel, which will probably be the last of the three.  Previous actors/actressses in the past two movies have been seen meeting up at the Threshold headquarters, and chances are this film will be more like the first.  The storyline, though not fully developed at this time, is rumored to continue from where MKA left off: Quan Chi has tricked Shinnok with a fake copy of the real amulet, and now has the power to rule over everything, and the only ones who can defeat him are the mortals of Earth.  It may also tie into MK5, since both release dates are very close together.

Some of the cast members that were in MK Annihilation signed a 3-movie contract, allowing them to be in the 3 films.  One of the cast members who signed the contract is Robin Shou (played Liu Kang in MK and MKA).  It is rumored that somehow Johnny Cage may be returning from the dead as well thanks to Quan Chi's abuse of his powers.  Now, none of this may be true, and the film is still very early in production.  But hell...let the Kombat Begin...again!

All of this news was announced at The Entertainian.
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Rumored Cast of Characters

Liu Kang* Kitana* Johnny Cage (resurrected)*
Sonya (she may die)* Raiden* Jax*
Scorpion Sub-Zero Jarek
Tanya Shinnok Quan Chi*
* indicates an almost definite return.

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