Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero

Alternate Game Ending

Enter the Unlimited Urns and Level Cheat passwords.  Once the game begins, stay where you are and let the first guy defeat you.  Before you die, hold L2.  Now, you will go and fight Shinnok.  Don't fight, but instead just stand still and duck down.  Once you see the amulet glow, freeze Shinnok, run, transport behind him, then freeze him again. Now, run and get the amulet using the action button.  Use an Urn to fill up your Ice Meter.  Do the Polar Blast move so that Shinnok becomes dazed.  Keep doing this move until you knock Shinnok off of the Bridge, then walk through the Portal.  View the final FMV, the ending, and the credits.  But then, you will get to see some funny outtakes from the making of the game.

N64 Warp

If you die before you can reach a ckeckpoint in a level, press "A" to fight Quan Chi, or press "B" to fight Shinnok.

New Scorpion Intro

Begin the game on mission 1. When the mission begins, press "Start".  Press "Select", then exit the game. Now, when you begin another game, Scorpion will say "I will succeed" instead of  "You will fail".

Repeat Scorpion Battle

If you hate Scorpion, you can beat him twice.  Begin the first level.  When you reach Scorpion, beat him. Do Sub-Zero's  Spine Rip Fatality and get the scroll.  Walk to the rope and climb up it.  Next, pause the game, then exit.  Go to the Password Screen and enter the code for The Prison of Souls Stage.  Now, get captured by the enemies.  You now get to view a FMV with Scorpion's spirit instead of Shinnok's.  Then, you fight Scorpion for a second time, but now he has a spear, his teleport punch, and big combos.

Gameshark Codes

1. 800D7D48 0009 = Infinite Lives
2. 800F9FBC 00A6 = Infinite Energy
3. 800D784C 0009 = Infinite Credits

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